First, take the potentiometer apart.

here’s how the contact tabs look before.

Now,  how far to bend these depends on how loose you’d like the pot to be. In my case(this one is for me!) I just wanted to loosen it up a bit so that it’s easier to turn it down but not so loose that it would roll all the way at a single push…. I’m just not into volume swell, sorry. Here’s how they looked after.

If you decide that you want it really loose and bend these even farther down, before putting the pot back together you’ll have the check that these contacts are touching the resistive material and center lug contact when the back of the pot is in place. On CTS pots with the flat back piece, the shaft can be pushed inside a little bit. If the contacts are bent too much, when pushing on the knob might cause it to open up and not work(at least while it’s being held down) so make sure the pot works fine while putting pressure on the shaft. If not you’ll have to go back and bend the contacts up a little. The contacts are made from a single sheet and can be removed from the black plastic piece which makes it easier to bend these contacts more accurately.