Hello there, I’m Ilyich Meza. I write this blog which came about as a means to show people the type of services and the quality of the work that I do, but it has also served other people to diagnose issues with their gear and to give ideas as to how to do certain repairs/modifications.  I started doing repairs, modifications and building pedals about 6 years ago as a hobby for me, family and friends around Madison and across the country. For the last year I’ve been providing services for musicians in and around the Madison area. I do repairs and modifications on guitars, amplifiers and effect pedals. I also build effect pedals and amplifier kits as well as from the ground up. Soon enough I’ll be providing custom guitar making services such as custom guitar bodies/necks. My main goal however is to come up with a guitar line aimed to rock! If there is anything I can do for you feel free to contact me at tetsuoelectronics@gmail.com or 608-203-5417.

Ilyich E Meza.