You guys remember the Tuscaloosa tornado from a couple of months ago? Well, this pedal right here was on its path. Gladly, its owner was not harmed but his gear kept at his bands practice space(and therefore his band mate’s gear) was not so lucky. I offered my self to help him out and do what I could to fix it up. The pedal itself worked but the pots didn’t turn very well. On most of them was because the knobs were pushed in too deep. One potentiometer was damaged though. It was easily replaced and shipped back.

This pot was bent and cracked at the base. Since the shaft was also bent, the fiber board that holds the resistive material which is attached to the shaft was also cracked. This came apart once I tried to remove the wires from it.

The new pot:

I replaced the ground wire from the power jack to the board with a thick jumper that now holds the board in place:

Done, and it sounds fuckin’ sweet!