Here it goes. Remove the original switch and replace it with a small SPST needed for calibration.

Next I remove the original ‘effect’ LED and tack it to the back of the board. It can be completely removed but I just left it there for testing purposes. Install a new LED/Holder.

Wire LED to its new power supply.

Next, cut a couple of traces, install a new switch and wire it for true-bypass.

The wires from the jacks to the 3PDT and from the 3PDT back to the board were later replaced with shielded wire as the wet signal was leaking into the dry signal when the pedal was bypassed. Remember to connect only one side of the shield on each wire.

To finish it up, I drill the holes for the calibration switch and footswitch jack, install them and wire the footswitch jack. The footswitch is not ready yet because I forgot to order a few parts. I’ll take the chance to order a different color enclosure as I was going to use this butt-ugly red one I bought a long time ago. When that is done I’ll update this entry. (go HERE to see the finished switcher)

And finally just close it up and test it.