What a cool guitar! Even better, it’s signed by Dick Dale. I was told the story by its owner about the signing that went something along the lines of ‘There’s no better surf guitar than a fender(strat) but sure, I’ll sign a gretsch anyday!’.

The repair on this one was simple. It had the tone switch removed previously so I started checking there. It was all good, as were the master and pickup volume controls. The problem was at the jack. The output wire was shorted to ground. It looked like this:

You can see that the insulation on the output wire melted, thus shorting with the ground wire.

Unsolder that, cut it, clean it up and solder it back into place.

Done! What a PITA to get it back together! I have worked on big hollow-bodies before, but this was the trickiest so far! Still cool being able to work on it.