The SAD-1 to the left had been true-bypassed by Analog Man. The same needed to be done to the gray one on the right. Two of the controls needed to be cleaned too.

Here’s the pedal taken apart and the two potentiometers in need of cleaning off:

Potentiometers soaking in naphtha:

While the potentiometers soak in naphtha, we move on to the main board and remove what won’t be used/reused later on. In this picture you can see Q4 still in there, but it needs to be removed and the two outer pins jumper-ed together.

Moving on to the wiring. The input/output wires on the AM modified one were soldered directly to the jacks in between them and the board. To do that the jacks would have to be removed. PITA! So I drilled some small holes to go through the board and solder them on the back of the board. Here’s how they look with the necessary traces cut:

Here’s the reason for the small holes:

Moving on to the rest of the wiring.

Board and switch wired up. The enclosure had to obviously be drilled to fit the 4PDT switch. Here it is:

Put it back together and viola!