First of all, the speaker in this fella doesn’t look like it’s the original Scorpion one. not only that, but even after tightening the speaker and installing one missing screw, it kept vibrating but this came from the cone. I also noticed the magnet was getting warm especially when cranking it up. I measured its impedance and it came a bit too low than it should be(8 ohms), so I’m assuming that it’s having coil problems which is what causes the cone to rattle/buzz on certain frequencies. The speaker leads were a bit long from the board. That made them prone to short to the chassis so they were shortened. A few of the pots were doing noises so they were soaked in white gas(naphtha) for a few minutes. That changed the feel of the pots so I ended up cleaning all of them. A couple remained doing some crackling which means they have just worn out and may need to be replaced soon.

Long output leads:

Short output leads:

Potentiometers(these are the noise ones) before naphtha bath:

Let them soak for about 15 minutes:

Remove and let them dry for a bit. Here’s the remaining junk(for just the three pots above!) after I drained the naphtha:

That’s pretty much it. Process was repeated for all the pot. They came out fine and felt better than before. A couple will need to be replaced in the future and the speaker may need to be replaced too. Tube amps can handle lower speaker loads than their output transformers were designed for safely. On the other side, solid state amps can take higher speaker loads safely. I don’t know if I let the owner of this amp know that, I should email him right now!