I bought this guitar a few years ago and sold it a few months after that to fund a rare pedal buy. Now, two years after it came back to me for repairs! The output socket came out so a new Electrosocket was installed. The switch wasn’t working properly either so a new 4-way switch for series/parallel wiring was installed.

New components to go on the guitar.

First things first, removing the old jack and its holder.

Then, remove the original switch.

Next, isolate the cover of the neck pickup(necessary for series/parallel wiring).

Wiring the new switch.

Wiring the new output jack.

Screwing the new socket and control plate into place. Pine is such a soft wood that there was no need to drill for the Electrosocket’s screws.



Well, the signal cut out while in practice. I opened it up and there were a few crappy looking solder joints(aside from the ones I had already redressed), but the faulty one was at the switch I replaced. Yeah, my bad! Anyways, I decided to redo the wiring and use a bit of cloth covered tinned wire.

Before. The blue wire at the switch wasn’t connecting properly to the following lug with the yellow wire.

So, first I removed the jack and replaced the wires.

Then rewired the pots and switch and done! Closed it up, tested it and it was good to go.