I finished cutting the cord from the chassis and cleaned it up before reinstalling it.

The job done! It wasn’t as easy as it looks. It took me a good couple of hours to do it. Removing the extra part of the power cord was a pain in the ass!! It’s almost like it was super glued in with the holding grommet.  Getting the grommet back in there was the same thing! I had to cut it a little bit to get it done. It holds fine though and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The chassis itself may break before it comes off. It’s the thinnest chassis I have ever seen. Add the biggest transformer I have ever seen, and getting this thing out and into the cabinet was another pain in the ass since it bent so much under the weight of the transformer. Oh Peavey how I hated you for this little while. I still want an Ultra Plus Head though! But anyways, the balanced out looked like one of the solder joints was cracked so I dressed all of them. That was the end of the job.

Reinstalled power cord.

Dressing the balanced line out solder joints. Before:

And after:

Plugged in and powered up. Done!