Just like the EVH phaser I posted before, the protection diode was closed therefore sending all voltage to ground. I had a replacement at hand so it was an easy and quick fix. It’s not all a happy story thought, at least for the owner. It was sold on Ebay and shipped in working condition, but the new owner ‘receives’ it DOA(at least that’s what he claims). He must have used the wrong power supply causing the protection diode to close and the pedal to not power up. It seem like the only obvious conclusion to me. The seller ended up taking the fall on this one though having to give the money back, pay for the extra shipping and then getting it repaired even though it wasn’t his mistake! Yeah, Ebay sucks sometimes!!!

The culprit(or the hero?)!

Out of the board next to a full size replacement Zener protection diode(15v in this case).

New Zener installed.

And back to life it came!