The range switch on this guy was damaged when it was accidentally stepped on. I have repaired these type of switches before so I felt confident I could get it working again and not have to get a replacement(though I had two available just in case).

The guts! What is a meat ball without ‘spaghetti'(wiring)?

Removing the busted switch.

Taking the switch apart. The small metal spheres that keep the switch in place were missing, so it had been opened before. I had a few of the correct size that worked great(two were needed).

The switch put back together. While looking at it like this, something felt weird. I looked at the schematic and sure enough, the capacitors to the pole on the left were in the wrong position. The first capacitor for pole B was connected to the 4th throw of pole A, therefore it was in the wrong place and not connecting to anything since this switch is set up as a three position switch. But that also meant that pole B remained open on the third position. So, each of these capacitors had to be moved one lug over to the left.

From this.

To this.

Rewired switch.