The first distortion pedal I ever owned was a DS-1. When I got into electronics, I did the keeley modifications on it myself. I loved how it sounded. I even liked it when it was stock! Then I got into making pedals and so I sacrificed my DS-1 to make a clone(with some modifications) of the first version  of the DS-1(That would be the pedal to the right on the picture above). I’ve had that one for about 4 years now. My love for (some) BOSS pedals resurfaced lately, and I decided to put my clone into a BOSS enclosure. I had gotten rid of my old DS-1 enclosure, but luckily I found one for $5 at

First up, removing everything from the BOSS enclosure.

Opening the clone and removing the guts.

Installing the jacks and 3pdt switch, to keep it true-bypass.

Installing and rewiring the potentiometers and LED with longer wires.

New power jack and battery clip installed. Done!