After removing the pedals I first got rid of the angled wooden board to make more space. By doing that I noticed how the fabric at the bottom didn’t handle the removing of the pedals very well. It was lifting the fabric from the board and leaving the Velcro on the pedals full of little hairs. The pedals didn’t hold very well either. We ordered some Pedaltrain Velcro, but in the mean time I ‘shaved’ the board and made a preliminary layout of the pedals.

I ran out of George L’s but we got a preliminary layout that worked with enough space between pedals to fit the rest of the George L’s and the OneSpot power supplies.

A few days later I received the Velcro and George L’s and got right back to work by removing the bottom fabric and applying the new Pedaltrain Velcro.

I  followed the previous layout and only had to switch a couple of pedals around so that they fit better. We ended up with quite a pile of left over material(garbage).

First test run(with messy power supply wiring which was later cleaned up). A couple of patch cables needed to be redone. Other than that, no problems at all.

With the power supply wiring cleaned up, and done! Its owner taking it for a first spin.