This Buffer box was modified by Alfonso Hermida(Zendrive fame) back in 1998. It was originally a buffer and a/+b box. It became a Buffer with an effects loop and a/b box. Output A was bleeding into output B, doing all kinds of noises and oscillations. I opened it up and found myself with a mess of wires, not clean at all. Check out his early work. It reminds me of my early work with pedals… I still have a few with me.

The jacks were unnecessarily grounded to the board. You can also see that there is tape where the bottom of the PCB would be. That was replaced with plastic foam to isolate the traces from the enclosure as well as cushioning the board into place.  I redid all of the wiring and grounded the jacks through the enclosure itself. I also used thinner, single conductor shielded wire for the jacks. Also, heat shrink was used all around.

Not done yet, but getting there!

And done! Freshly rewired with new LEDs. The new wiring didn’t fix the bleeding problem so I ended up replacing the switch later. I also rewired the effects loop switch so that the effects input is grounded when in the off position, therefore preventing popping noises.