I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking here…

This one was modified with new capacitors(same original values). The solder on the diodes looked funny too, but I don’t think they were replaced.

First thing after cleaning the solder joints at the new capacitors, I cut the board to make it fit inside its new home.

Drilled enclosure.

Potentiometers wired. Later I replaced the two original potentiometers with Alpha ones. I didn’t like how the new knobs fit on them.

And all wired up.

It didn’t fire up at the first try. While troubleshooting I noticed the gain control wasn’t wired as in the Timmy(the pedal this CTO-1 is based on). I rewired that and found a broken wire from the output of the volume control. Then it fired up. Worked and sounded great. Sadly I didn’t take pictures of the finished product. I used the same parts layout as on the Timmy though.

Edit: This fella came back recently and I took the chance to snap a picture.