This beautiful sounding Maxon was accidentally powered with the wrong power supply(Line6 9Vac 2A). I already knew what needed to be done without even looking at it. When I received it I could smell burnt odor from a few feet away from me. Opening it up revealed the obvious. From the back of the board I could see between the holding screw and the power jack where the damage was done. The solder joint looked not clean at all, and it even lifted the trace! The protection diode did what it had to do like a champ. It got so hot that it melted in place with the power jack. Its casing disintegrated by just touching it so it didn’t come out in one piece, but I could still see that it was a 1N4002 diode that we needed to replace. Luckily I had one available that I was planning on using with one of my circuits. I soldered the 1N4002 into place and put it all back together. It powered the first time and I got the chance to try it out! It sounds really, really good. Very cool, versatile chorus pedal. I am helping its owner put his pedalboard together, and this fella is going on it!

did I say picture time??