The Fishman preamp on this beautiful Cort guitar was cutting up. Its owner improvised by sticking a guitar pick to get the preamp to work. Obviously a connection problem. I got the preamp out and noticed right away that the battery wasn’t connecting properly in its compartment. I bent the metal connections for the battery and that did the job, but only momentarily. I turned my attention to the base of the preamp, where the compartment slides into. This base is made out of very thin plastic. I suspected that because of it being so thin, when the compartment slid into it, this would cause it to bend and the battery would come out a bit not connecting properly. I cut a piece from a guitar pick and placed it with a piece of tape as a test.

That did the trick wonderfully. I removed it, put contact cement on the pick to hold it in place and put it back together. I had checked the solder from the end pin/jack before and the lugs needed to be dressed. I did that before testing it out. With that done, now the preamp works great and it doesn’t cut anymore!