Aside from the bad paint job, I received this pedal in non working conditions. At first I though it was cool, that the bad paint and sharpie gave it character. But I felt disappointed when I found that this was an old, first year production, MIJ SD-1. Who would modify such vintage piece of gear like this?? Why not try with a new one?? Any who, this fella only had a couple of things wrong with it. First, the spring inside the battery compartment wasn’t installed all the way to the bottom, making it hard to accurately turn it on/off. On the PCB there were a bunch of cold/bad solders, not clean at all! The chip socket, though connecting properly, it looked odd. I removed it and it turned out that a couple of the lugs where broken. I didn’t have new sockets at the moment so I just repaired this one and installed it a little higher. I put it back together and it turned on first try!! Believe it or not, this was my first time playing trough an SD-1, and I fell in love with it!! It sounds amazing, so much so that I ended up trading it for time/labor.

I should be updating this entry since  I’ll be removing the bad paint job. This puppy shall be in its original yellow sometime soon.


With a bit of elbow grease, paint thinner and a bit of scraping, it is now back to its original color! Looks cool as beat up as it is!