At first it was working fine. I didn’t know what the owner thought was wrong with it, but as soon as I started moving knobs around and changing presets suddenly it just froze!! Turned it off and on, and still frozen! Only the foot pedal and amp tone controls worked but nothing else did. I even updated the unit and reset it, but still no dice. So I started moving knobs again and while moving the select knob to the left of the screen the unit unfroze. Wiggled it again and it froze. Seems pretty obvious, right? So I open the unit, check the connections of that potentiometer, apply a bit of fresh solder and put it back together.

When put back together and ready to give it a try, the unit didn’t want to turn on. Oh Crap(I thought)! It only took me a couple of minutes to realize that I had forgotten to plug back the wires to the power switch(insert facepalm here). Other than that, no more problems and the unit is fixed. Switching and saving presets is now possible!