I received this crybaby, with pedaldoc.com(never heard of them before) mods performed to it, in non working condition. I can instantly see a few issues just from the picture above. The LED holder is too tall and too close to the foot pedal. The stomp switch has a rubber foot on top so that the foot pedal doesn’t hit the LED holder. This shortens the already short travel of these types of enclosures. Rubber feet had been removed which meant the foot pedal was hitting the bottom part of the enclosure. I open it up and it doesn’t look that bad. ‘OK’ soldering job, unnecessary long wires with long unprotected leads at the solder joints, electrical tape here and there… I have seen worst.

So, first thing is to clean up the wiring on the back of the board with shorter lead joints. I found an error on the instructions of the mods where the LED would not turn on with a power supply cable connected. Wired the corresponding red wire from the LED to where it should be.

Then cleaned up the solder joints at the battery clip. Heat shrink is your friend!!

In the process of shortening wires and cleaning up solder joints at the switch. The ‘Volume’ mod wasn’t done right. It’s the reason the pedal wasn’t working. The wrong resistor(100K below the small electrolytic capacitor) was replaced with the wrong value(4K7)! It should have been the resistor next to it(68K, replaced with a 47K resistor)! It’s already fixed in the picture below.

Done! Much better, don’t you think?

New LED holder with a metal washer since the hole from the previous holder was a bit wider. New rubber feet as well.

This crybaby is in working condition now, and it sounds mighty fine! I hope it’s owner approves of it.