Ed A. writes me up telling me that he needs a foot pedal to blend the magnetic pickups with the piezo pickup on his Hamer Duotone(beautiful guitar by the way) so that at the center both signals are 100%(and not 50/50 like stereo volume pedals) and  fade either one at each end. For this we started with an Ernieball Stereo Volume Pedal(provided by Ed). First, the cord/spring and potentiometer mounting block where taken apart. The original potentiometer was replaced with a Linear 500k Dual Potentiometer with a center ‘notch/detent’  , or better known as a Blend/Balance Potentiometer, necessary to make this work.

The shaft of the new potentiometer is really short compared to the original. Because of this, the brass pulley has to be installed the other way around. Now, the shaft on the new potentiometer also has a split(and knurled) shaft, so I cut a piece from a guitar pick and put it in place. That way there won’t be any bending from the shaft when the pulley is installed, and the pulley itself will stay centered.

By installing the brass pulley around, the black plastic pulley(attached to the mounting block) doesn’t line up perfectly. A longer screw and spacer fixes that.

Wire harness installed(later rewired, outside wires from both sides need to be reversed).

Put everything back together, set it up and voilà! It works like a charm. I hope Ed approves of it.

Set at the center notch, the angle to the front and back should be the same(from center of rotation, around 168.5°), or at least close enough.